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Green Vegan Energy on the Go

The only plant-based protein bar with ½ cup of spinach in each serving, fewer than 10 ingredients, and no added sugar or preservatives. 



No Added Sugar

12g of Protein

8 Ingredients


we're wild about spinach

Spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables on the planet. It has dozens of healthful vitamins and minerals. But not everyone is wild about the taste.


We make getting your daily greens easy, nutritious and delicious by combining a full serving of spinach in each bar with real fruit, nuts, seeds, and pea protein. We believe after trying our bars, you'll be wild about spinach, too!


banana bread in a bar

For the banana fans out there, this whole food peanut butter-packed bar features 100% real banana, ½ cup of spinach, delicious pea protein, and a touch of chocolate to nurture your inner (and outer) banana bread lover. 

berries with a tropical twist

Who said blueberries and coconuts don’t mix? Our berry-forward plant-based protein bar features real blueberries, chewy coconut flakes, ½ cup of spinach, pea protein, and a drizzle of almond butter for an antioxidant powerhouse snack. 


Coming Soon

like Chocolate Cherry Cordials

For those craving a decadent but wholesome snack, our first-ever nut-free bar features dried cherries, ½ cup of spinach, pumpkin seed butter, pea protein, and cacao nibs for a rich, chocolatey treat that resembles cherry cordials.

Use code SCC20 to save 20% on your first case. Estimated shipping date: February 28, 2023.


100% whole food.
<10 ingredients.
1 tasty bar.

Greens Gone Wild never contains junk ingredients, added sugar, or preservatives. Our whole food, allergen-friendly, protein bar is guilt-free deliciousness that’ll keep you satisfied wherever life takes you.

People are wild about our bars


12/10! Great taste, natural ingredients with no added sugar and no preservatives! Can't beat that.
- Chris

daily Greens delivered to your door 

No time for a spinach salad? Never miss your daily greens again. Sign up for a monthly subscription and get your greens delivered to your door.



A vegan and allergy-friendly snack you can trust

Your recommended daily serving of spinach 

Solid and easy to pack for travel and kids

A satisfying meal replacement


Take our bars home

Greens Gone Wild are proudly made in Colorado, but you can find our bars nationwide in these markets and businesses.


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