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Laura Harris

Hi! Laura here! I’m a woman in my mid-thirties who is obsessed with spinach, my dogs, the mountains, and being my own boss. I’m a Virginia native and a Colorado transplant. Several years ago, I moved to Colorado for a major change in scenery and life. The mountains, weather, and the people and their desire for healthy food and an active lifestyle made this the ideal place to put down roots and build a business. There is no other place like Colorado!
Over the years, I’ve worked in various fields that have not allowed for breaks, so protein bars became a staple for me. During one of my bartending shifts, I took the first bite of my bar and wished for it to be packed with spinach. But a bar packed with protein and greens simply did not exist. In that moment, I realized my true calling: to create a vegan protein bar with minimal ingredients, no refined or added sugar, and LOTS of spinach, which I will put in just about anything. I became determined to find a way to share my spinach obsession with the masses.

One of the biggest changes that allowed for personal growth and the start of Greens Gone Wild, was the choice to take a lengthy break from alcohol. The break, caring for my father for five years, and building my business have been my three greatest accomplishments to date. I am extremely proud of how far I have come, where I am going, and how far I plan to take this business."


zach meier

I grew up in the tiny town of Lander, Wyoming, and I moved to Sundance, another very small and isolated town in Wyoming, when I was 13. Fresh, nutritious food was hard to come by in the grocery stores, as everything had to be shipped to our town; nothing was grown locally. Less than a week after I graduated high school, I left Wyoming for Colorado, where I found my true calling: cooking. I attended the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, Colorado, and earned my diploma in culinary arts. From there, I went on to work in some of the best restaurants in the Denver Metro area, which helped me to build on what I had already learned in culinary school. My work as a prep cook, line cook, sous chef, and an executive pastry chef, led me to Laura and to Greens Gone Wild, where I now serve as chief culinary officer.


the partnership

Laura says:

"I had the pleasure of meeting Zach Meier in February of 2017. We worked in the same restaurant for over a year, until he left to pursue bigger and better things. A couple of years passed, and as I began developing the concept and product for my business, a friend recommended that I find a business partner. At first I thought, “No, this is my baby.” But then I realized that founding a food startup is a massive undertaking. Additionally, I enjoy the company of others, so the thought of having someone by my side to help see this dream come to fruition really excited me! It occurred to me that bringing a professional chef on board could move the business forward in amazing ways. I immediately thought of Zach, and I’m so grateful that he agreed to join Greens Gone Wild as my chief chef officer!".

Zach says:

"My experiences working alongside many outstanding culinary artists and designing numerous delicious dishes with unique ingredients led me to Laura Harris, the brainchild behind Greens Gone Wild. Her enthusiasm for spinach, health, and helping others made me excited to collaborate with her to develop the quality products now available to you via our website, and previously at farmer’s markets in Cherry Creek, City Park and Edgewater. I’m a proud founding member of Greens Gone Wild, and I look forward to creating more healthy and nutritious foods packed with all of the spinach your heart desires!".

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